Sharing on Social Media

Social Media is a great way to keep in contact with your family and friends, or even make new friends. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, help maintain a connection between people. Those sites even help reunite those that have not been in contact for many years, which is great. There are social media sites that can be use to meet a new companion or even to have an affair (I really don’t encourage to use or do the latter).

Social media is like anything in the world, it has its good and bad sides. In order to prevent or better yet mitigate the bad side effects, people need to be educated and have common sense. There has been a great deal of talk around security and privacy ever since Edward Snowden leaked the NSA documents in 2013. In the social media world, we need to take care of our privacy settings and choose carefully what you share in order to have a chance on your security.

Privacy Settings

Users needs to be aware that every social media site have privacy settings that could be change in certain ways to help preserve the user’s integrity. Settings such as those that prevent users that are not following you or friends of friends to see your posts, or even prevent any person from following you at all (Private account). I have just mentions a few but in some sites there are a ton of settings to turn on or off (Must of the time is to turn off). These privacy settings can be time consuming to set but are worth the time and effort if you really care about your privacy as well as that of your family.

Sharing Information

If those privacy settings are not set properly and you start posting pictures or even regular posts that contains your location for example, you may be at risk already. For example, if your phone has location enabled for pictures and you post it in a social media, it would be easy for anybody to see the GPS coordinates which will eventually give up your real location. Most of the time is just as easy as looking at someone’s status to find their real location since a great amount of people are using the location services provided by their phones and social media apps.

I think that people should be really careful about what they share in social media. You may think you are sharing it only with your friends and family but if your privacy settings are not set correctly, then you may be sharing it with everybody. This can be really scary if a bad actor can easily know your location and get to you if wanted.

User’s should also need to be careful about what they say in social media. If you write something on the internet it is very unlikely to disappear ever even if you delete it. This is one of the reasons you should think before posting anything that can be sensitive or offensive. A bad post can hunt you back. Please do not post while you are drinking, post responsibly.

Always check for your settings, it does not matter if it an account your are creating or an app you are using. Users should take the time to see how the company is using your data, how much data is been share by the default privacy settings and how much you can prevent from been share. If there are ways to prevent your information from been use or seem by others then you should be preventing it.